Have you ever been at a restaurant and your child starts choking and you immediately panic and depend on others to hopefully save your child or wait for an ambulance to get there, which could take over 10 minutes! Time is precious in emergency situations, seconds can dictate life or death. What if you see a car wreck and YOU are the only person around to help, do you just standby and wait? You could, but we can train you to be an Emergency First Responder. 

We are now offering every Saturday in CPR for Adults, Children and Infants, as well as life saving choking techniques. This is not your typical CPR class. We do mock emergency scenarios where you will practice all the skills you learn. You will leave with the confidence knowing you could successfully save someones life. 






To schedule in home training or corporate training, please contact our Chief Safety Officer at info@sharkiesdojo.com

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